A La Carte Catering


(Does not include: Cali House BBQ sauce, wet naps, serving utensils, napkins, plates, cutlery, and jalapeno corn bread.)

Cali BBQ Meats

Full Rack of Slow Smoked Cali BBQ Pork Ribs - $29.99 each (sliced into 3 bone servings)
One Pound of Slow Smoked Tri-Tip - $20.99
One Pound of BBQ Brisket - $19.99
One Pound of Low-N-Slow Pulled Pork - $14.99
One Pound of Rib Tips - $10.99
Whole BBQ Chicken - $14.99 (sliced into 8 pieces per chicken)

*Recommended serving sizes depend on total quantity of meats ordered.
*Typically we recommend:
1 full rack of ribs feeds 2-3 guests
6 ounces of meat per guest = 1 pound of meat serves up to 3 guests 
1 whole chicken feeds 2-4 guests


Cali BBQ Sides

One Gallon of our Specialty Wedding BBQ Beans - $35.99
One Gallon of Mac-N-Cheese - $35.99
One Gallon of Summer Potato Salad - $35.99
One Gallon of Southern Cole Slaw - $35.99

Full Pan of Ceasar or House Salad $24.99
Full Pan of our Wicked Peach Cobbler - $35.99

Cali House BBQ Sauce (18.5 oz. Glass Bottle) - $8.99
Cali Jalapeno BBQ Sauce (18.5 oz. Glass Bottle) - $9.99
Cali House BBQ Sauce (32 oz Squeeze Bottle) - $14.99
Cali Jalapeno BBQ Sauce (32 oz Squeeze Bottle) - $15.99

One Dozen Freshly Baked Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread Muffins - $9.00

One gallon of each Cali BBQ side serves 20-25 guests depending on serving size.

Full Pan of Salad feeds 10-15 guests
Full Pan of Wicked Peach Cobbler serves 20-25 guests.  

**All catering orders must be paid for in full 72 hours in advance and require a $200 minimum order.**
**All caterings, 100 guests or more, require requests no less than 7 days in advance.**
**All payments received are FINAL.**
**Please note a 10% Catering Service Fee will be added to all Pick Up Caterings.**

We also offer Full Service Catering for events at the Pechanga Arena at the Sports Arena (51 guest minimum) and at off-site venues within San Diego County (100 guest minimum & 7 day minimum request time). The catering service fee for full service events will be determined based on group size and logistics.
**Full Service Catering only available with "All Inclusive" Menu.**